VERSEN Msc Thesis Awards 2018 at SEN Symposium


At the SEN Symposium VERSEN awarded three Master Thesis Awards. For more information on the thesis awards, please go to this page.

The winners for 2019 are:

  • Djurre van der Wal with the thesis "Translating AWN networks to the mCRL2 model-checker": A relevant problem embedded in an international project, with excellent results. Twente University.
    Supervisor: Prof. dr. Jaco van de Pol
  • Jan-Jelle Kester with the thesis "CheckMerge: A System for Risk Assessment of Code Merges": An urgent problem in software engineering with high practical value and foundational techniques to provide a set of solutions. Twente University.
    Supervisor: Prof. dr. Marieke Huisman
  • Lieuwe Vinkhuijzen with the thesis "A Quantum Polynomial Hierarchy and a Simple Proof of Vyalyi’s Theorem": A forward-looking thesis that solves problems in SE; not in the next decade, but beyond. Leiden University.
    Supervisors: dr. André Deutz, dr. Jeannette de Graaf

Please find some images from the event below: