VERSEN Thesis Awards - Call for Submissions


The submission procedure is lightweight. You should submit the thesis and the candidate’s CV (both in PDF). Optionally, nominations can be complemented by a letter by the supervisors (PDF) and an accompanying short video (new this year, see below).

Submissions should be sent via the following form.

For the selection criteria, please refer to the procedure.

For further information about the awards, contact Anton Wijs (

New this year: Video nomination!

The nominee, the supervisor, or both are given the option of submitting a short video (up to 3 minutes long) that presents the thesis (methods, achievements, lessons, significance) in a clear and engaging manner, ideally targeting broad audiences.

Submitting this video is optional; a link to the video can be provided in the submission form.

We look for creative videos that highlight the impact of software engineering at large. Depending on the number and quality of submitted videos, we will organize a session at the award ceremony with the best video(s).

Important Dates

04-11: Awards are announced

10-11: Determining where awards are presented, typically ICT-Open and SEN-Symposium

10-12: Deadline for submission

12-01: Jury meeting

15-01: Proposal for award winners is announced to the board of VERSEN

01-02: Notification of awards to the candidates

01-03: Call for a new member for the coming year by the jury chair

01-04: Resolution of awards and prizes, in collaboration with NWO

Evaluation Committee

This year’s evaluation committee is composed of:

  • Anton Wijs
  • dr. Yanja Dajsuren
  • prof. dr. Jorge Pérez


The awards are sponsored by the Software Improvement Group (SIG).