VERSEN PhD Awards Online Ceremony

06 Apr 2020

Our colleagues at NWO have organized the VERSEN PhD Awards Ceremony online, due to the cancellation of ICT OPEN. Please find the online ceremony here in this online video. The prize winners have previously been announced here.

News - First VERSEN honorary fellows

23 Mar 2020

During the last SEN symposium, the first VERSEN honorary fellowships have been awarded to honour emeritus professors for their contributions to software research in the Netherlands. The first VERSEN honorary fellows are: Mehmet Aksit Farhad Arbab Jan Bergstra Paul Klint Rinus Plasmeijer Doaitse Swierstra Hans van Vliet Roel Wieringa During the SEN symposium, each of them was honoured by a former colleague in short video. Additional information, photos, and ...

News - Free lecture notes on software testing by TU Delft

23 Mar 2020

The Software Engineering Research Group at TU Delft (@serg_delft) opened their software testing lecture notes. It currently contains 14 full chapters, 52k words, 63 videos, and 82 exercises. See it at License: CC-BY-NC-SA.

News - "Digitalize for the Environment!": A guide for practitioners from nine universities worldwide

23 Mar 2020

Patricia Lago and colleagues from altogether nine well-known universities from different parts of the world have produced a guide called "Digitalize for the Environment!". The guide is aimed at municipalities and companies wanting to explore and realize the potential of digitalization. It is completely open source and available here.    

PhD defences - Session-Based Concurrency: Between Operational and Declarative Views

23 Mar 2020

On January 7, Mauricio Cano successfully defended his PhD thesis "Session-Based Concurrency: Between Operational and Declarative Views" at the University of Groningen. In his thesis, supervised by Prof. dr. Jorge A. Pérez and Prof. dr. Gerard Renardel, Mauricio presents a comprehensive study of formal programming models for message-passing concurrency and of their associated verification techniques. This PhD work concerns theory of programming, with practical implications. His rese...

New people & guests - Andrea Capiluppi new Associate Professor at the University of Groningen

23 Mar 2020

Andrea Capiluppi is appointed as Associate Professor at the University of Groningen. He will be joining the Software Engineering group. Andrea’s research and teaching interests focus on Software Evolution and Maintenance, as well as the construction, evaluation and maintenance of Social Networks. Andrea is mostly interested in the use of open technologies and in understanding how they can improve learning and teaching as well as the production of software and other artefacts.

Projects - Outreach project "Beauty and Joy of Computing" in Dutch schools

23 Mar 2020

The National Association of Vice-deans of the Exact Science Faculties has decided to fund the outreach project "Beauty and Joy of Computing in het Nederlands (BJoC-NL) van, voor en door docenten en leerlingen" jointly submitted by Ramon Moorlag (National association of computer science secondary school teachers, i&i), Felienne Hermans (University of Leiden) and Alexander Serebrenik (Eindhoven University of Technology). "Beauty and Joy of Computing" is a computer science course ...

News - Interview with the VERSEN board in the I/O magazine

23 Mar 2020

The recent issue of the I/O magazine features an interview with the VERSEN board (Marieke Huisman, Patricia Lago, Alexander Serebrenik) on the role of software engineering and software engineering research.  "Software is the engine that powers all CS developments like AI and cyber security. Although for many people this engine is invisible, it is so fundamental that we need to understand how to do it right." The full article is available here, enjoy and spread it around!  

VERSEN Manifesto

22 Mar 2020

In 2019 and 2020 the VERSEN has been working on a Manifesto, entitled "Manifesto on Software Research and Education in the Netherlands".   The full Manifesto can be downloaded here in PDF format. There is also an easy to print exerpt available. The manifesto has been covered in the I/O Magazine (find the actual publication here, March edition). Please find the exerpt from I/O magazine here. Any updates about the Manifesto can be found o...

VERSEN PhD Awards 2020

16 Mar 2020

The VERSEN PhD Thesis Awards have been created to encourage excellent research in the domain of Software Engineering in the Netherlands. In 2020 we are again able to award the VERSEN PhD thesis awards with support of NWO and HCL Technologies.  The members of the jury, Jan Friso Groote, Slinger Jansen, and Patricia Lago, used the following criteria for judging: Novelty to and impact in the field promoted by VERSEN. Timeliness. Quality of the thesis report and associated artifacts. Meth...