Projects - Stoelinga's ERC funded project CAESAR on integrating safety & cybersecurity has started

15 Jun 2020

Marielle Stoelinga’s project CAESAR in integrating safety & cybersecurity through stochastic model checking has started. The project is funded by an an ERC consolidator grant. As historically separated fields, safety and security are often analyzed in isolation. They are, however, heavily intertwined: measures that increase safety often decrease security and vice versa. Also, security vulnerabilities often cause safety hazards, e.g. in autonomous cars. The goal of the CAESAR project is wi...

Job vacancy: Research Fellow Analysis and Transformation of Legacy Software at ESI, Eindhoven

15 Jun 2020

A job vacancy about the Research Fellow Analysis and Transformation of Legacy Software is available at ESI, Eindhoven. The full vacancy is available here.

Article about the Corona app

15 Jun 2020

An interesting article about software engineering the Corona app has been published in AG Connect. Here it is (Dutch only).  

I/O Magazine now fully in English

15 Jun 2020

I/O magazine (the magazine of IPN) will be entirely in English as of 2020, so that it is also accessible to researchers with a non-Dutch background. Downloads and subscription are possible at

Studying the software quality of COVID-related mobile apps

15 Jun 2020

Marielle Stoelinga and Ivano Malavolta are collaborating on a study about the software quality of COVID-related mobile apps. The idea is to run multiple analyses targeting a large number of COVID-related Android apps in order to characterize if their level of quality is different from that of standard apps published in the Google Play store. This will inform the public and decision makers about how app developers react when subject to huge pressure to deliver ...

Projects - Tom van Dijk's Marie Curie Individual Fellowship started in April 2020

15 Jun 2020

Tom van Dijk's Marie Curie project PIGGY started in April 2020. Among others, the main objective of the project is to either: reason how parity games separate P and NP by being solved in at least quasi-polynomial time  find an algorithm that solves parity games in polynomial time In order to achieve those goals, Tom studies how algorithms reason about parity games by looking specifically at so-called tangles and how their presence in parity games can make solving f...

VERSEN board members interviewed for an article on AG Connect w.r.t. COVID-19 app

22 Apr 2020

In the aftermath of the rush for an app to track COVID-19, it is clear that there are several problems left to be addressed. VERSEN board members Jan Friso Groote and Jurgen Vinju were among those interviewed for a piece published on AG Connect, which also highlights VERSEN's commitments.

VERSEN PhD Awards Online Ceremony

06 Apr 2020

Our colleagues at NWO have organized the VERSEN PhD Awards Ceremony online, due to the cancellation of ICT OPEN. Please find the online ceremony here in this online video. The prize winners have previously been announced here.

News - First VERSEN honorary fellows

23 Mar 2020

During the last SEN symposium, the first VERSEN honorary fellowships have been awarded to honour emeritus professors for their contributions to software research in the Netherlands. The first VERSEN honorary fellows are: Mehmet Aksit Farhad Arbab Jan Bergstra Paul Klint Rinus Plasmeijer Doaitse Swierstra Hans van Vliet Roel Wieringa During the SEN symposium, each of them was honoured by a former colleague in short video. Additional information, photos, and ...

News - Free lecture notes on software testing by TU Delft

23 Mar 2020

The Software Engineering Research Group at TU Delft (@serg_delft) opened their software testing lecture notes. It currently contains 14 full chapters, 52k words, 63 videos, and 82 exercises. See it at License: CC-BY-NC-SA.