See the members page for a directory of people involved in software engineering research in The Netherlands.

Contact VERSEN directly via:

  • general information: please use if you are unsure where to address your question to VERSEN; we will take care of it. This inbox is read by the secretary, the chair and the treasurer of VERSEN.
  • chair: Tijs van der Storm; the chair is also the spokesperson of VERSEN. They can answer all questions regarding software engineering research and its applications in The Netherlands, or forward the question to another VERSEN member. Paris Avgeriou is the vice-chair.
  • secretary: Alexander Serebrenik; the secretary handles organizational matters of the executive board, can facilitate appointments with board members, and also forward any question to the appropriate board member.
  • financial and legal: Jurgen Vinju; the treasurer deals with all matters financial and legal for VERSEN. Please address snailmail as follows to ensure proper delivery:
    t.t.a. Jurgen Vinju (CWI SWAT)
    P.O. Box 94079
    1090 GB Amsterdam
    Phone: +31 20 592 9333
  • cares: There is a CARES - Committee to Aid REporting on discrimination, harassment, and related violations of the Code of Conduct to contact in case of violations of our Code of Conduct. Any other contact point (see above) can be used to talk about this as well.
  • web: For web page issues of or, please contact us on Github.