Awards - VERSEN Msc Thesis Awards 2019


On January 31st two Msc Thesis Awards were given for two excellent master's thesis. The two winning candidates are:

  1. First Msc Thesis Award: Nathan Cassee with the thesis entitled "The impact of continuous integration on open-source code reviews: how increasing automation changes software engineering practices", supervised by dr. Alexander Serebrenik at TU Eindhoven.
  2. Second Msc Thesis Award: Johri van Eerd with the thesis entitled "Parallel term rewriting on GPUs" supervised by Anton Wijs at TU Eindhoven.

The first award is a cash prize and free entry to ICT Open. The second award is a free entry to ICT Open. The thesis awards are supported by NWO and HCL Technologies.

For more information on the thesis awards, please visit this page.

Photo on the left: Award Ceremony for Nathan Cassee. Photo on the right: Award Ceremony for Johri van Eerd.