A new Software Ecosystems book with contributions by VERSEN resarchers


Springer has published a new volume entitled “Software ecosystems” co-edited by our Belgian colleagues, Tom Mens, Coen De Roover, and Anthony Cleve. This book is intended for practitioners and researchers interested in developing tool support for or in the empirical analysis of software ecosystems.

Two chapters of this volume have been contributed by VERSEN researchers. Together with Nicole Novielli (University of Bari, Italy), Alexander Serebrenik presents an overview of the state-of-the-art research on analysis of emotions in software engineering focusing on the studies of emotion in context of software ecosystems. To encourage further applications of emotion analysis in the industry and research, this chapter also includes a table summarizing currently available emotion analysis tools and datasets as well as outlines directions for future research. In another chapter Mairieli Wessel and her co-authors discuss GitHub development workflow automation ecosystems. This chapter explores the ecosystems of development bots and GitHub Actions and their interconnection. It provides an extensive survey of the state of the art in this domain, discusses the opportunities and threats that these ecosystems entail, and reports on the challenges and future perspectives for researchers as well as software practitioners.