Projects - Outreach project Beauty and Joy of Computing in Dutch schools


The National Association of Vice-deans of the Exact Science Faculties has decided to fund the outreach project "Beauty and Joy of Computing in het Nederlands (BJoC-NL) van, voor en door docenten en leerlingen" jointly submitted by Ramon Moorlag (National association of computer science secondary school teachers, i&i), Felienne Hermans (University of Leiden) and Alexander Serebrenik (Eindhoven University of Technology).

"Beauty and Joy of Computing" is a computer science course designed at the University of California, Berkeley. This course aims at introducing programming to secondary school students by stressing creativity without compromising on programming skills. "Beauty and Joy of Computing" has successfully attracted more female students than ever before.

In our previous project, supported by the 4TU federation we have focussed on translating the basic parts of "Beauty and Joy of Computing" to Dutch and adapting it to the societal context of the Netherlands. The new project will help us to finalise the translation as well as to deploy it in several schools.

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