Projects - Ivano Malavolta receives NWO Open Competition Domain Science XS individual grant


With his project titled "Green Tactics for Robotics Software", Ivano Malavolta, assistant professor at the VU receives an NWO Open Competition Domain Science XS grant.

The project is funding a postdoc position for 9 months or a scientific programmer position for 12 months, so if you know someone who may be interested in the position, please get in touch with Ivano Malavolta ( The project is planned to start next March 2020.    

Abstract. From autonomous vehicles, to healthcare, and even in outer space, robots are part of our daily life. Energy is a critical factor for robotic systems, especially for mobile robots where energy is a finite resource (e.g., surveillance autonomous rovers). However, despite the advances in electronics and mechanics, one of the main barriers in robotics is software, since it is becoming massively large, complex, and difficult to measure. The project will break this barrier by allowing roboticists to design energy-efficient robotics software via experimentally-validated green tactics. Green tactics will emerge by mining millions of lines of code of real- world robotics software.