VERSEN PhD Awards 2020 Announced at ICT.Open


The VERSEN PhD Thesis Awards have been created to encourage excellent research in the domain of Software Engineering in the Netherlands. We are again able to award the VERSEN PhD thesis awards with support of NWO and HCL Technologies

The members of the jury, Jorge A. Perez, Slinger Jansen, and Patricia Lago, used the following criteria for judging:

  • Novelty to and impact in the field promoted by VERSEN.
  • Timeliness.
  • Quality of the thesis report and associated artifacts.
  • Methodological approach and execution.

The VERSEN PhD Thesis Awards were announced at ICT.Open 2020. Soon, a video registration of the online event will follow. 

The winners of the VERSEN PhD award are:

  1. dr. Wytse Oortwijn (University of Twente) with the thesis entitled “Deductive techniques for model-based concurrency verification” (pdf) supervised by Prof. dr. Marieke Huisman.
  2. dr. Riemer van Rozen (University of Amsterdam) with the thesis entitled “Languages of games and play: automating game design & enabling live programming” (pdf), supervised by Prof. dr. Paul Klint and Prof. dr. Tijs van der Storm.
  3. Shared Third Place
    1. Mauricio Cano (University of Groningen) with the thesis entitled “Session-based concurrency: between operational and declarative views” (pdf) supervised by Dr. Jorge A. Perez. and Prof. dr. Gerard Renardel
    2. Gabriël Konat (TU Delft) with the thesis entitled “Language-Parametric Methods for Developing Interactive Programming Systems” (pdf), supervised by Prof. dr. Eelco Visser and Prof. dr. S.T. Erdweg.

We want to congratulate the winners and thank their supervisors for submitting their excellent theses.