New people & guests - Vadim Zaytsev is a new Associate Professor in Twente


Vadim Zaytsev, also known as grammarware, is appointed as Associate Professor of Software Evolution at the Formal Methods & Tools research group at the University of Twente. He started in July 2020.

Vadim is getting back to academia after spending several years developing compilers and software migration tools in the industry, analysing and transforming porftolios full of code in languages like COBOL, PL/I, HLASM and many 4GLs, as well as acting as a Chief Science Officer at Raincode Labs, encouraging industry-academic collaboration in various forms, from sponsoring conferences to running joint projects with Belgian universities. In the past, he has worked at CWI (the SWAT team), UvA, VU, etc. In the future, he is looking forward to teaching software evolution and software modelling related courses and continuing his research activities about grammarware, software language engineering, evolution of legacy systems, artefact transformation and differencing, compiler testing, and language design. He has been a member of VERSEN since its first day.