VERSEN Msc Awards 2020 Announced at SEN Symposium


The VERSEN Msc Thesis Awards have been created to encourage excellent research in the domain of Software Engineering in the Netherlands. We are again able to award the VERSEN Msc thesis awards with support of NWO and HCL Technologies

The members of the jury, Jorge A. Perez, Slinger Jansen, and Patricia Lago, used the following criteria for judging:

  • Novelty to and impact in the field promoted by VERSEN.
  • Timeliness.
  • Quality of the thesis report and associated artifacts.
  • Methodological approach and execution.

The VERSEN Msc Thesis Awards were announced at ICT.Open 2020. Soon, a video registration of the online event will follow. 

The winners of the VERSEN Msc award are:

  • 1st place: Lukas Miedema, University of Twente
    • QuickInterp - JIT-like performance in a cross-platform cross-CPU way (pdf)
    • Supervisors: Marieke Huisman, Tom van Dijk, Andre Kokkeler
  • 1st place: Taico Aerts, Delft University of Technology
    • Incrementalizing Statix (pdf)
    • Supervisors: Eelco Visser, Hendrik van Antwerpen
  • 3rd place - A: Katerina Chinnappan, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    • Mining Green Tactics For Energy-Efficient And Energy-Aware Robotics Software (pdf)
    • Supervisors: Ivano Malavolta, Patricia Lago
  • 3rd place - B: Jakob Lohnertz, Universiteit van Amsterdam
    • Toward automatic decomposition of monolithic software into microservices (pdf)
    • Supervisors: Ana Oprescu, Stephan Schroevers

We want to congratulate the winners and thank their supervisors for submitting their excellent theses.