From the VERSEN board - March 2019


On March 1, the VERSEN board members had another meeting at the Lorentz center in Leiden to discuss about the text for a manifesto on Software Research. It was a productive day, and we hope to have a first complete version of the text by end of March. We will use this manifesto on Software Research also as input for the discussion on the national research agenda for computer science.

On February 1, we had a very interesting SEN symposium. Many thanks to our organisers, Anna-Lena Lamprecht, Sung-Shik Jongmans and Georgios Gousios for putting together such an interesting program. The winners for the VERSEN master thesis award were announced during the symposium. Next year, the SEN symposium will be held on January 31 (in combination with an IPA course on software engineering). More information will follow, but for now: save the date.

During the Software Engineering Track at ICT.Open, we announced the winner of the VERSEN PhD thesis award, as well as the winner of the Best Software Engineering Technology award 2018. Check out the dedicated news about those two prizes!

On behalf of the VERSEN board members,
Marieke Huisman (chair)