Best Artefact Award for Petra van den Bos and Marielle Stoelinga at FORTE 2023


Petra van den Bos and Marielle Stoelinga received the Best Artefact Award at FORTE2023. The artefact is associated with the paper “With a Little Help from Your Friends: Semi-cooperative Games via Joker Moves”.

The paper combines the research fields of game theory and software testing: strategies for Joker games are translated to executable test cases. In the Joker game, Player 1 (the Tester) gets help from Player 2 (the System Under Test) by playing a Joker. This way, goal states can be reached, while Player 1 has no full control. In test execution, a goal state is reached, because the test case makes use of any help offered by the System Under Test. This way, we use that, usually, a System Under Test is not strictly adversarial, while this is a common assumption in game theory. The artefact implements the Joker games, test case generation, and allows reproducing experimental results for case studies.