CWI Call for Research Semester Programs


CWI invites colleagues from Dutch universities to jointly set up CWI Research Semester Programmes for the period 2025-2027. CWI can accommodate two more programmes in 2025, and up to four in both 2026 and 2027. A CWI Research Semester Programme consists of a coherent set of meetings and activities in which researchers come together to collaborate on important or emerging research topics over a longer period, typically for the duration of a semester. The format of a programme is flexible. It may, for example, consist of a series of workshops, a school or masterclass for PhD students, a bootcamp, weekly or monthly seminars or a reading group.

More specifically CWI encourages to apply for long-term visits (or sabbaticals) of renowned scientists, at the premises of CWI. In addition, CWI wants to stimulate informal network formation and has, to that end, flexible workspaces available to collaborate with colleagues involved in the Research Semester Programme.

For further info, refer to this link.