Three awards for Marielle Stoelinga


Superproud. That is how UT professor Marielle Stoelinga felt when her PhD student texted that their paper won the best paper award of the conference on Software Engineering & Formal Methods. This paper award was the third award she won with her team in late 2023, in addition to two awards in 2022.

  • In collaboration with Stefano Nicoletti, Milan Lopuhaä-Zwakenberg, and Moritz Hahn, Stoelinga received the Best Paper Award at the SEFM Conference for their paper titled ““ATM: a Logic for Quantitative Security Properties on Attack Trees.”” The paper introduced a query language for attack trees, and applied these to nano-satellite cyber-attacks.
  • Djurre Van der Wal, Marcus Gerhold, Marielle Stoelinga earned the Best Paper Award at the Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems (FMICS) conference. The research is funded by ProRail and Deutsche Bahn and addresses the question of whether railroad components (eg signals, rail crossings and switches) meet their —strict and important— safety requirements, as formalized in the EULYX railroad standard.
  • Together with Petra van den Bos, she received the best artefact award at the FORTE conference for the paper: ‘With a Little Help from Your Friends: Semi-cooperative Games via Joker Moves’. This paper, on mathematical game theory, explores strategies for situations where winning is uncertain.

These recent accolades complement previous achievements: a collaboration with Nils Jansen (Radboud), Thom Badings (Radboud), Licio Romao, Alessandro Abate, David Parker, Hasan A. Poonawala (all Oxford), which received a distinguished paper award for the AAAI conference 1 with over 9200 submissions. Additionally, a Test-of-Time award at the CONCUR conference nunderscoring the enduring impact of her contributions to the field.

Further info available here.