AGRISoft-Dash: A Smart Dashboard for Precision Farming Software


We are pleased to announce the collaborative initiative, AGRISoft-Dash, funded through a seed grant from Utrecht University.

This project is a joint effort involving Prof. Dr. Bedir Tekinerdogan from WUR, Prof. Dr. Michel Chaudron from TU/e, Dr. Siamak Farshidi from UU, and Dr. Slinger Jansen from UU.

With a grant of 50K, the team is embarking on the development of a Smart Dashboard for Precision Farming Software, known as AGRISoft-Dash.

AGRISoft-Dash seeks to provide valuable insights for researchers, investors, and farms in the precision agriculture sector. By offering a comprehensive view of open-source software ecosystems, the dashboard facilitates informed decision-making. The sustainability plan ensures its availability for a minimum of five years. Moreover, AGRISoft-Dash’s adaptability makes it relevant to diverse fields, including life sciences and preventative health. As the project progresses, we anticipate its outcomes will serve as a source of inspiration and validation for similar initiatives in other research domains.

Stay tuned for updates on AGRISoft-Dash as we embark on this practical endeavor.