NGF Project 6G Future Network Services


The multi-year public-private Future Network Services (FNS) programme, which is part of the ‘Nationale Groeifonds’ focusses on creating a leading international position for the Netherlands in 6G. The focus is on specific and connected topics in 6G: intelligent radio components and antennas, intelligent networks, and leading applications in key sectors.

The Formal System Analysis cluster at TU/e is involved in program line 3: leading applications, and within this program line focuses on the development of wireless factories. This particular workpackage is a continuation of the collaboration between Cordis and the FSA cluster in the development of for formal verification of machine control applications based on the mCRL2 toolset. The ground work for this was laid in previous OPZuid projects and the ITEA MACHINAIDE project. Within FSA, Jeroen Keiren is PI of the project.

The department of Electrical Engineering at TU/e is involved in program lines 1 and 2, where Bart Smolders is leading program line 1 within the project.