VERSEN Thesis Awards Procedure and Committee

About the VERSEN Thesis Awards

To further promote and encourage excellence in software engineering research, VERSEN has introduced the VERSEN Thesis Awards. The awards are indications of excellence that can support talent in future applications in the current competitive academic climate.

The awards are supported by NWO and promoted at ICT.Open.

The theses will be judged on the following factors, in equal parts:

  • Novelty to and impact in the field promoted by VERSEN.

  • Timeliness.

  • Quality of the thesis report and associated artifacts.

  • Methodological approach and execution.

Please note that the thesis will be published on VERSEN’s website and cannot contain any intellectual property that is not public. If applicable, we will also publish links to associated artifacts (datasets, Github links, etc.).

Awards Committee (jury)

The awards committee consists of three people. Members can be a member for two years. The members yearly elect a head of the jury, who has the final say in determining the final number of awards. The members are typically VERSEN board members and form a representative selection from the board members.

In the event that a member of the jury wishes to nominate a candidate supervised by them, the jury member will step down from the committee and finds a replacement jury member from the VERSEN board for this round. The outcome of the judgment of the members of the jury who can vote, should be weighed to make up a full rating for the candidate’s work.

The preferred voting system for the jury is Anonymous Aoodle.

Typical Procedure Thesis Awards

The Award can only be awarded to graduate students who have obtained their degree from a Dutch institute of higher academic learning between September 1st, of the previous year, until August 31st, of the current year. We strongly recommend that both the winner of a thesis award and the nominator are present at the award ceremony.

There are a maximum of four awards awarded per category. It is at the jury’s discretion to decide how awards are awarded, ideally with a minimum of one award per category and a cash prize for at least the first award.

Important Dates (Both Awards)

01-10: Awards are announced, submission form open

01-11: Determining where awards are presented, typically ICT-Open and SEN-Symposium

01-12: Deadline for submission

15-12: Jury meeting

15-01: Proposal for award winners is announced to the board of VERSEN

01-02: Notification of awards to the candidates

01-03: Call for a new member for the coming year by the jury chair

01-04: Resolution of awards and prizes, in collaboration with NWO